Ray X Pharoah Hoodie

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For years Ray tricked unknowing souls into playing his game of cards to trap their souls for eternity but the Pharoah tried to outsmart the trickster at his own game and trapped him in premium merchandise. We don't know how long we can hold him here, so pick one up today before he escapes. Pharoah Tom's Collections is not legaly responsible for any damages to one's soul or property if Ray is to escape! For he who plays the game becomes the game....YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED....

Men's Hoodie | Hanes P170
normal fit
S 26.50 in 20.00 in 23.98 in
M 27.48 in 21.97 in 24.29 in
L 28.46 in 23.98 in 24.37 in
XL 29.49 in 25.98 in 24.76 in
2XL 30.00 in 27.95 in 25.00 in
3XL 30.51 in 30.00 in 25.91 in
4XL 30.98 in 31.97 in 25.98 in