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Yugioh Rokket Deck

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This is a budget friendly deck build that has been play tested for competitive local play. This is a relatively beginner deck to get either a new player or returning player back in the game. Each deck will come with matching new card sleeves for both Main deck and the Extra deck

Deck includes:

Extra Deck

2x Borreload Furious Dragon
2x Quadborrel Dragon
2x Boster Dragon
2x Triple Burst Dragon
2x Borreload Dragon
1x Topologic Zeroboros

2x Silverokket Dragon
2x Rokket Tracer
2x Absorouter Dragon
2x Autorokket Dragon
2x Metalrokket Dragon
2x Shellrokket Dragon
2x Magnarokket Dragon
2x Anesthrokket Dragon
2x Keeper of the Shrine
1x Checksum Dragon
1x Gateway Dragon
1x Background Dragon

Spell & Trap
2x Quick Launch
2x Rapid Trigger
2x Polymerization
2x Squib Draw
2x Boot Sector Launch
2x Borrel Regenerator
2x Twin Twister
2x Dragon Shrine
2x Mirror Force
1x Mirror Force Launcher